Gingerbread City 2023-2024


As the curtains rise on this year’s Gingerbread City, Morrow + Lorraine proudly unveils the Frosted Wheat Subsea Retreat – an eco-resort serving as a retreat for those grappling with eco-anxiety.

© Luke O'Donovan

After our 2022 debut, Morrow + Lorraine could not wait to return for this year’s exhibition. No longer new to the game, we embraced the challenge of a much larger, more prominent plot.

“It’s becoming a really great festive tradition in the office, it brings a lot of joy.”

In response to this year’s theme ‘Water in Cities’, our baking team chose a plot in the Underwater community, focusing on sustainability, wellness and mindfulness, also reflecting our practice’s commitment to addressing pressing environmental concerns.

From frosted wheat thatched roofs to pretzel stilts, every detail has been meticulously crafted to tell a story, reminding onlookers that sustainability can be both delightful and delicious!

A special shoutout to the core design and baking team, Iman Yasin, Agata Malinowska, Laura Walton, Thabi Nyezi, Sarah Ives, Cara Hodgkins and Olamide Lawal. With help from Greg Murrell and Radostina Stoyanova.

The Gingerbread City runs from 2 December 2023 – 7 January 2024, Westfield, White City, London

London – The Gingerbread City®

Photographs by James Morrow and Luke O’Donovan

Olamide, Laura and Cara installing the plot before the exhibition opens to the public.
Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes