Happy Pride Month


To celebrate Pride Month this year, Morrow + Lorraine went on a Queer History Walking Tour of Soho, one of the world’s most beloved Queer neighbourhoods.

Firstly, a big thank you to our fabulous guide, Dan de la Motte, for his excellent retelling of the city’s vast and complex history of LGBTQ+ life in London. Iconic stories of pioneering drag queens, secret gay soirées, and trailblazing activism painted a vivid picture of how Soho shaped the city’s Queer culture through the centuries.

Thanks also to Gregory Murrell, Morrow + Lorraine’s LGBTQIA+ EDI champion, for arranging this event.

As a practice, Morrow + Lorriane endeavours to provide an inclusive and accepting work environment that supports and celebrates its LGBTQ+ employees, as well as the wider Queer architectural community.

Happy Pride Month!

Photography by James Morrow