London Festival of Architecture 2023


By using colour as a unifying element ‘Clad in Colour’, Morrow + Lorraine’s studio late event, truly captured the essence of the London Festival of Architecture by serving as a celebration of what brings us together as a community.

Aligned with LFA’s 2023 theme “In Common”, we have more in common than we know, Morrow + Lorraine chose to explore the shared experience we gain from colour and how we engage with it in diverse and interconnected ways. In doing so, we welcomed a vibrant crowd, including creatives, professionals, students, tourists, and local residents, creating an inclusive and engaging atmosphere to sparking conversations about the role of colour plays in shaping our built environment.

The event began with a presentation by Jeremy Fielding, Business Director of Atrium, who shared their RIBA certified CPD titled “Unlocking the Code of Colour.” Jeremy revealed the profound impact of colour on our psychology, mood, and physical abilities which not only captivated the audience but also inspired the subsequent colour-oriented activity.

Jeremy Fielding, Atrium, presenting their 'Unlocking the Code of Colour' RIBA approved CPD

Following this began the activity “Clad in Colour: Reimagining London’s Colour Palette”, created by a small team of our architects, led by Laura Walton. This was designed to allow participants to reimagine a corner of the City of London within a randomly chosen set of parameters relating to Function, Occupants, and Time for example, “An ecological oasis for pensioners in the 1800s“. Groups of four teams were each assigned a glass panel to embark on a creative journey.

Using erasable coloured pens, characters and objects, teams meticulously built their creations on a pre-plotted map of the city displayed on the inner face of the street-side glazing. The result was a captivating tapestry of imagination, showcasing creative use of colour and unique interpretations of the brief.

A panel of judges, including Steph Crombie from Morrow + Lorraine, Jo White from Jo White Design, and Jeremy Fielding from Atrium, praised the teams’ imagination, attention to detail, original ideas, and high-quality illustrations. The event also featured humour, adding excitement akin to “Have I Got News For You”.

After careful consideration the judging team selected Team 2, named “Diggin’ Dickens,” as the winner. Their portrayal of a vibrant Dickensian London in the 1800s, brimming with life, colours, and intricate scenes, captured the essence of the activity and left a lasting impression.

The winning team, "Diggin' Dickens" led by Heidi, a sixth form student we hosted for work experience a week prior.

Morrow + Lorraine also utilised this opportunity to raise money for a charitable cause. Through a raffle and ticket donations we raised just under £400 in proceeds, all of which will be donated to Mind, an organization supporting mental health. We extend gratitude to all who contributed to this important cause.

To all our guests, thank you for joining us for a memorable evening filled with creativity and community. We eagerly await the opportunities and excitement the next year will bring. Stay inspired and continue celebrating the colours that shape our beautiful city.

Event organisers, Cara Hodgkins and Laura Walton

Written by Cara Hodgkins
Photographs by Sam Stephens