Measuring our carbon footprint


As part of our drive to become a more sustainable practice, we have started the process of measuring our company carbon footprint – from the electricity our computers use, to the coffee that keeps us going during the day.

With COP26 fast approaching, the spotlight has once again been thrust onto the climate crisis. Roughly half of the UK’s emissions come from buildings, and as architects, we believe we have a responsibility to help reduce some of that burden. As part of our mission, we have committed to reporting and reducing our carbon footprint annually, with our first comprehensive footprint report scheduled to be published before the end of the year.

A first look at an initial break-down of our practice carbon footprint

What do we include in our footprint?

With the help of our Sustainability Advisor, Will, we have been working hard to collate relevant emissions data according to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, an internationally ratified guide for corporate emissions reporting. Although the emissions related to things such as employee commute are often omitted from corporate carbon footprints, we want to be as comprehensive as possible, and believe all things we have an ability to influence should be included in our footprint. This means everything from the electricity we use, the coffee we buy, and the fuel used to get us to work will be included in our carbon footprint. For more information about the GHG Protocol, and the categories that we will be reporting, please visit the GHG Protocol website.