M+L support for Part 2 Architects


Discussing the current architectural system of education, Julian Morrow talks to Architects’ Journal about how the RIBA has to make necessary changes for a more efficient structure.

Morrow + Lorraine currently offers our Part 1 employees the option of continued part-time employment should they choose to study Part 2 part-time. Our practice pays any tuition fees in full, as we see it as mutually beneficial: our staff get an income, additional professional experience and security of employment; the practice reaps the benefits of their continued contribution (which, typically after two years’ full-time employment, is considerable) and commitment for a couple of years post-Part 2.

“The current arrangements for the Part 2 course present difficulties for both students and employers. For students, who might have spent two years or so in paid practice, readjusting to life in full-time education is disruptive and expensive[...]. For employers, losing someone they’ve invested in and trained, just as they’re hitting their stride, is hard to take – it’s a disincentive to take on Part 1 graduates or pay them well.”

We value a strong bond in our practice. We make opportunities for a sustainable future. Addressing Julian’s honest opinion, we prove that this scheme works; we have had Architectural Assistants in the practice, who did their Part 2 qualifications part-time and worked for the practice at the same time, setting an example of a worthwhile experience where their mental health, financial situation and continuous experience were beneficial for them and the practice.

Th full article is available here.

Julian Morrow, Director of Morrow + Lorraine Architects