Urban Greening at Morrow + Lorraine


In this post, we look at the landscaping component of three of our most recent projects and how they have successfully been integrated with the architectural design.


From the RIBA Sustainable Outcomes guide, under sustainable land use & ecology , architects are called on to “create a range of green spaces (green roofs, vertical greening, pocket parks, green corridors)”. Complimenting bricks and mortar with plants is essentially defined as “urban greening”.


Why should we be greening our urban areas?

From the same guide, the RIBA conclude that a range of indoor and outdoor green spaces is essential to the good health and wellbeing the building occupiers., which is corroborated by a deluge of literature on the topic – people love to be near plants. Apart from the perhaps hard to quantify mental wellbeing benefits of green spaces, plants can also play an important role in improving indoor air quality (IAQ). As any science textbook will tell you, plants take in CO2, and breath out oxygen – but it’s not just CO2, some studies have shown that the average houseplant can also remove gases like benzene and formaldehyde from indoor spaces.


Urban greening at Morrow + Lorraine

As one of our six sustainable design principles, biodiversity is factored into all our projects from the beginning of each design stage. Detailed below are some of our favourite projects from the past few years that showcase how green spaces can be both functional and beautiful.


47 Great Marlborough Street

This 18th century Soho townhouse was transformed to include a “green roof”, dozens of planters built into the façade, an extensive green wall on the second floor and a Holm oak tree on the external terrace.


Weymouth Mews

The development of 5 residential units within the curtilage of a Grade 2* listed building saw the creation of landscaped roof terraces with a biophilia friendly courtyard design.


Royal Mint Court Public Realm

A much-needed public space, the Royal Mint Court Public Realm is a combination of hard and soft landscaping, which includes trees, grasses and wildflowers.


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