‘5 Minutes with J-J Lorraine’ an interview by David Taylor


In a recent interview with David Taylor, Jean-Jacques Lorraine reflects on the growth of Morrow + Lorraine and shares some insights on the practice’s style, foundational principles, and the key factors to success, giving testament to the enduring partnership between J-J Lorraine and Julian Morrow.

“one of the things that has sustained our relationship is the fact that we've worked with very talented people. And that has always kept the practice fresh. We've got a really brilliant talented group of architects of all ages, who we love spending time with.”

Candidly sharing personal struggles, J-J discusses the importance of team support during tough times as well as the impact the cycling community has played in his life and the practice’s culture in contributing to a healthy work-life balance – keeping the practice fun, collaborative, and impactful.

The practice’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is also highlighted through its more recent involvement with Build The Way, in providing alternative pathways into the architecture profession.

Read the full interview here – https://nla.london/news/five-minutes-with-jj-lorraine