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04.04.2024 Promotions!
01.03.2024 15 Years of Morrow + Lorraine
14.02.2024 ‘5 Minutes with J-J Lorraine’ an interview by David Taylor
06.12.2023 Gingerbread City 2023-2024
13.09.2023 Planning Permission Secured for 25 Moorgate, an Exemplary Low-Carbon Refurbishment in the City of London
08.08.2023 Heart of the City: Foundations for Responsible Business
27.06.2023 London Festival of Architecture 2023
11.05.2023 Clad in Colour: Reimagining London’s Colour Palette (LFA 2023)
27.02.2023 Welcome To Our First New Starters Of 2023
01.02.2023 Our New Home: An Architectural Engagement with London City
05.12.2022 Candy Clifftops at Gingerbread City 2022-23
01.11.2022 Soya Locavore by Radostina Stoyanova
29.09.2022 The Fold, a one-of-a-kind creative hub for Croydon
20.09.2022 Promotions announced!
20.09.2022 Low carbon, luxury apartments for Clerkenwell
06.09.2022 Refurbishment and extension of 7 Newgate St nearing completion
11.07.2022 Introducing our new Lifecycle Assessment Specialists
23.06.2022 Footprint+: Our six take-home’s from the event
07.06.2022 Senior leaders need to think about who benefits most from networking events
19.05.2022 How can material specification help achieve net zero targets?
22.04.2022 What designers can do in response to Earth Day
31.03.2022 J-J Lorraine welcomed as a Fellow of the RSA
21.02.2022 Urban nature based solutions: how can they help us?
15.02.2022 What does it take to become an architect in the UK?
06.01.2022 Visit to the Waste Age Exhibition
20.12.2021 M+L shortlisted for the AJ Retrofit Awards
Reflections after COP26 by J-J Lorraine - photo taken at the GreenZone, COP26, Glasgow.
23.11.2021 Reflections after COP26 by J-J Lorraine
04.11.2021 Morrow + Lorraine to attend COP26
28.10.2021 M+L signs up to SteelZero initiative
20.10.2021 Measuring our carbon footprint
20.09.2021 The Circular Economy
19.08.2021 Commuter facilities – a social value case study
06.08.2021 New starters 2021
05.08.2021 Apex on site
01.08.2021 The Warwick Buildings on site
19.07.2021 Read Stephanie Crombie’s article on the “eco-anxious” new generation for
16.07.2021 7 Newgate Street gets planning permission
02.07.2021 138 Cheapside Q+A with John Harkness
28.06.2021 Elisa Micozzi’s charity cycle for LandAid
26.06.2021 Meet Amber Luscombe, M+L’s new WELL AP
12.05.2021 Urban Greening at Morrow + Lorraine
02.05.2021 Reflections on Clifftops with Frank Gilks
16.04.2021 Post Occupancy Evaluation – a tool for net zero and more
02.04.2021 Architectural Absurdities on paper
20.03.2021 M+L support for Part 2 Architects
05.03.2021 Reflecting on repurposing
02.03.2021 Tree-planting at Christmas with Morrow + Lorraine
16.02.2021 Passivhaus at Morrow + Lorraine
02.02.2021 Aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
02.12.2020 Seeking ambitious and talented interior designer
04.11.2020 Onsite at Apex Tower, New Malden
16.10.2020 Summer Design Charette
02.10.2020 Clifftops – revealed
13.08.2020 Latest designs at Oval Works
17.07.2020 Planning Application submitted for 7 Newgate Street
16.07.2020 Onsite at 88 Wood Street
18.05.2020 Weymouth Mews shortlisted for AJ Retrofit awards
25.02.2020 Some of our favourite drawings
24.02.2020 Exploring Colour
20.11.2019 Weymouth Mews commended in the Brick Awards
12.10.2019 NLA – 40 of the best ideas to improve London
17.09.2019 Forcia – The Building Life Cycle
25.06.2019 pedElle 2019
25.02.2019 Check out our new tote bags!